to the DriveOn network. Keep yours until you find one to take. It takes 5 minutes to sign up.


valued within $6,000 of yours. You can choose a car nearby or one located across the country.


every few months while saving $1000s each year. $70 per month to join.

How much do you normally spend on a car?

Instead of spending $2,000-$4,000 in sales taxes each time you buy, and losing 20% per year in depreciation when you sell, you can now own your car longer but share it with a group of fellow car enthusiasts who will treat it like it’s their own. Drive more. Spend less.

Bradley A

" Seamless process. I quickly found the BMW I've been dreaming of and feel comfortable that my car is in good hands."

- Bradley A

Customer, Chicago, IL

Alvin F.

" If you love driving different cars like me, you'd be an idiot not to join DriveOn!"

- Alvin F.

Customer, Pittsburgh, PA

Danny R

" I usually get tired of my cars after a few months and lose a ton of money changing cars but now I change every few months thanks to DriveOn. The Tahoe I'm driving is awesome!"

- Danny R

Customer, Nashville, TN

Dustin M

" Changing cars each year used to cost me thousands. Not anymore - thanks DriveOn!"

- Dustin M

Customer, Nashville, TN

Alex S.

" Join 3 months ago and never looking back!"

- Alex S.

Customer, Hoboken, NJ

Lucas D.

" Now my wife doesn't yell at me for wasting so much money changing cars!"

- Lucas D.

Customer, Louisville, KY

Brandon Gaines

" I advise my clients who are car enthusiasts to take a serious look at DriveOn. I have yet to see a better way to minimize the cost of changing vehicles regularly, which can be a very costly habit for those that have a passion for new rides."

- Brandon Gaines

Financial Advisor, Lexington, KY

Anthony W

" DriveOn is exactly what I've been waiting for! "

- Anthony W

Customer, Chicago, IL

Jay W

" About time! I wish I had found this years ago. I'm loving my A6!"

- Jay W

Customer, Philadelphia, PA

Get started

Sign up and post your car in 5 minutes. Take a car valued within $6,000 of yours. DriveOn accepts certain makes and models valued between $20,000-$120,000 with fewer than 100,000 miles and less than 7 years old. Your car won’t be taken until you select one to take.

Only $70 per month.

All members are screened through ID verification, background checks and MVRs to ensure a safe and responsible community.


All members are insured through the same A-rated insurance company

This policy covers you and the DriveOn vehicle you take. You'll be covered for liability ($100k/$300k/$100k) and physical damage up to the actual cash value of the car. 

We’ll handle the application.


insurance image

Inspections & Maintenance

All cars receive a 150-point inspection to ensure all DriveOn cars are in great condition.

Your car will also receive an inspection after each driver. This creates an ongoing report card of your car's condition. If something is wrong, we'll know whether it's normal wear and tear or excessive. 

You continue to cover the regularly-scheduled maintenance on the car you own. If your car needs maintenance due to an issue caused by the driver they will be responsible for that repair. 
Inspections and Maintenance

trust + safety


Driver Screening

All members are strictly screened and go through the same ID verification, driving history and background checks in order to be approved to join the network so that you have piece of mind knowing your car is in good hands.


Resolution Center

We’re here to help with any disputes or questions. DriveOn has your back.



Expectations and rules are set to keep your car in great shape. And since everyone has a car in the network, they're incentivized to treat the car they take just like it's the car they own.

Ready to DriveOn?