It takes just 2 minutes. We'll need your name, DOB, address, drivers license, registration and a nice photo of yourself!

All members are screened through ID verification, background checks and MVRs to ensure they are a safe and responsible fit for the community.


DriveOn accepts certain makes and models valued between $20,000-$130,000 with fewer than 100,000 miles and less than 7 years old.

  • Sign up and post your car in 5 minutes. Your car won’t be taken until you select a car to take.
  • Provide us up to 5 cars that you would like to take. If one is immediately available, you can take it.
  • Our proprietary algorithm will start a chain to connect people with cars from their list.
  • Once that chain is complete then all cars are released. This usually takes 5-10 days.
  • Once a car is found for you, you'll have 24 hours to decide if you want to take it.


Take any car you'd like! All cars are valued and have a monthly rate. Simply pay the difference between the monthly rate of the car you take and your car. 

Now you have the flexibility to decide what type of car to take throughout the year! Maybe upgrade during the summer and pay a little extra and then downgrade during the winter and make some money? Ex: If you take a car that goes for $750 per month and yours goes for $700, pay $50 per month. If the car you take goes for $650 per month you’ll receive $50 per month.

$200 per month includes insurance and unlimited car changes.

We can also sell your car for you when it ages out of the DriveOn network. Don't want to own a car anymore? No problem! You can continue your membership by paying the monthly rate of any car you take and keep changing cars as often as you'd like!


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