DriveOn was created to solve our own problem: For those of us that get tired of our car after a few months, we typically have to shell out thousands of dollars in lost depreciation, sales taxes and other fees. Our car habit is an expensive one. DriveOn solves our problem.

DriveOn is luxury car-sharing platform that connects car enthusiasts looking to change cars. Instead of the expensive hassle of buying and selling each year, insert your car into our vehicle network and then take out the car of your choice! It's great for car enthusiasts that want to drive a different car each year, or simply change it up every few months.

$200 per month includes insurance and unlimited changes. There's also a one-time initiation fee of $199. If you would prefer to pay annually we can waive initiation. 

Our proprietary algorithm ensures your car is not taken until you find the one you want. Learn more.

All users are strictly screened to ensure safety and peace of mind that the cars are well taken care of. All users go through identity verification, MVR and a background check. Cars are inspected prior to going to their next driver to ensure they are well maintained and up to par. If anything goes wrong, DriveOn has your back.

DriveOn is run by car enthusiasts for car enthusiasts.